Health Business Coaching, Team Training

Looking for a health business coach in Perth or team training and development? I can help you foster a supportive work culture and better manage mental health conditions in the workplace.

According to the Australian Mental Health Commission, mental illness costs Australian businesses $4.7 billion per year in absenteeism, if left untreated. Today, it’s the leading cause of long term sickness and absence in Australia. It’s in a business’ best interests to create a people-orientated culture and implement supportive management aids.

Engaging a health business coach prevents employee dissatisfaction and promotes a healthy workplace. Employees and employers can benefit from environments where they feel valued, supported, acknowledged and respected.

Work performance is highest when staff report elevated levels of psychological wellbeing and job satisfaction. Yet 71% of Australians feel disengaged and unhappy in their jobs.


A health business coach supports companies by:

  • Creating a workplace mental health strategy that targets concerns on an ongoing basis
  • Decreasing staff turnover and associated costs such as training and recruitment
  • Giving staff the tools to work at their optimum
  • Encouraging supportive workplace relationships
  • Reducing job strain through structure, policies and procedures around health, bullying and harassment

When businesses choose to make mental health conditions a priority, benefits include:

  1. A reduction in the number of sick days staff take
  2. An increase in fewer compensation claims and productivity
  3. A more positive perception of the workplace by staff
  4. An increase in respect for management and leadership from employees

Dee Jackman Hypnosis’ experience in business and life coaching gives employers and their staff the tools to manage mental health. Workplaces have a legal responsibility to provide a safe and supportive space. How do you measure up?

Dee Jackman Hypnosis also offers training and mentoring courses to nurture constructive working environments.


Business Training Mentoring and Development

Dee Jackman Hypnosis tailors education courses to suit your team.

Each training session uses blended learning strategies to cater for all stages of development. Course curricula are dynamic, engaging, stimulating and fun, and delivered on-site for your convenience. My 10 years’ experience as a nurse educator in public health services and Certificate IV in training and education ensure I have the right skills to coach and mentor your teams. Services benefit medical sectors, such as GP rooms, nursing homes and non-government organisations working in health.

Contact me with your training requests.

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” – John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance


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